The Perfect Ring for the Perfect Girl

I thought picking out a ring for my girlfriend would be hard to do. I am a typical guy, and I knew that I would have problems finding the perfect ring for her. This is something that girls get into, but tradition has it that the guy picks out the ring for the woman he wants to marry. Knowing I needed help, I went online to see if I could get some tips on finding the wedding ring sets information that I desperately needed. I was really happy when I found a guide that helped me pick out the perfect ring for my sweetheart.

I am not being flippant about this at all. She means the world to me, and I wanted to make sure that the ring was perfect for her. Continue reading →

Buy the Best Wedding Rings in Melbourne


Wedding ring is not only a jewel but also connected to emotional thing and every couple wants their wedding ring much better and to be unique for their life’s other jewels. Melbourne is very much developed in designing wedding rings. Some of the best wedding ring designers using MDT design are as follows:

Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks began his own business after developing his talent for design, sketching and creating one-off pieces of fine jewellery. Today Bill Hicks Jewellery Design is an award winning jeweller.


Not only are their diamonds luxurious, but the whole ring shopping experience in a Bulgari store is also nothing short of spectacular.


Cerrone was founded by Nicola Cerrone, who always keeps his client in mind when creating his jewellery pieces. Cerrone is now one of Australia’s most successful and awarded jewellers, with a sophisticated style that suits the most glamorous of brides.

Diamond Emporium

Diamond Emporium is a second-generation family owned business highly committed to their customers. They will work closely with you to help you better understand, identify and select your diamonds, while creating your dream design.

Fairfax & Roberts

Fairfax & Roberts is one of Australia’s oldest bespoke jewellers, with a collection of traditional and signature pieces.


Importance of a Wedding Planner in a Wedding Ceremony


When we have all the time in the world, organizing the wedding can be a pleasure, but combining journeys to work, office and home with all the preparations is another thing … Today, many couples are willing to expand invested capital to live those previous months in complete tranquility, but with the assurance that the big day will be more than perfect. To ensure this, enters the scene the wedding planner or wedding planner.

A recent concept

In the United States, wedding planners practicing a profession full – time for over fifty years; more than 80% of the marriages go through their hands. These wedding planner can do almost everything for you, but everything depends on the initial budget you’ve set.

Different types of benefits

Depending on your budget, you can choose from: – Make the wedding planner take care of absolutely everything: coordinate preparations until the big day, when it will be placed on the scene to handle all contingencies that may arise at the last minute.

It is also responsible for most “fat” of the organization: search the place for the reception, the decor, the choice of different suppliers, catering , photographer, design invitations … is who defines the theme animation, book rooms for guests or organization entourage. But, if you want, you can also handle most intimate and sensitive issues such as wedding dress , alliances, or preparation of the bride. Ideally hire the organizer eight months before the big day. – Make the wedding planner only intervene in a particular stage (the ceremony, reception, etc.).

If you prefer you take care of the organization, you can use a professional to carry the baton on the day of the wedding and you download from the stress of carrying all supervision.

Need for a Wedding planner

The wedding planner, fast and effective, will know to find that special detail that will make your marriage a unique moment even in the smallest ways. It offers moderation, no excesses. Your job is to learn, telephoning, visiting, compare, test and test. You do not have to decide anything.

Meet a lot of suppliers and keep the best people in your address book. For the bride and groom are all advantages, they live the preparations of marriage calmly, without feeling the stress and unrepentant of each and every one of the decisions they make.

The big day, the organizer coordinates the different suppliers, provides information to families and friends and resolves concerns. So, the couple can fully enjoy the day and their guests . If you want to take care of everything, you can also ask you to update receiving and sending letters of thanks. Quiet Estate, also keeps the accounts.


Tips for buying Wedding Dresses & Accessories Online


In a globalized world thanks to the Internet, today brides can buy your dress easily, quickly and without complications.

Choosing the wedding dress from Latest Fashion Designs – Dressing Trends needs time and internet offers the comfort of do it from anywhere; without having to travel without traffic jams and a huge range of options for all tastes, styles and prices.

  • Ask yourself – How do I look?

Enter your favorite search phrases like “buy dress online bride” will appear hundreds of sites and must do all you can. Look and analyzes the options that everyone has and saved to your favorite the ones you will like it.

It’s really easy and you choose the model, size (there are sites that you do with custom measures), the color, you click on pay and go and thus improve your outlooks with fashionable jeans, tops and bras.

Many of these specialized websites also offer shoes, accessories, lingerie for the wedding night, costumes for the flower girls, young ladies of honor, entered cushion rings other products around the big day.

  • You found, buy it now!
    As far as possible before buying, go to a house of brides and looking for a similar style to which you have selected so that you are sure that the chosen goes well with your body and your personality.

Most sites have a sizing chart to guide you to find yours. Verify them with the help of someone (hopefully a professional dressmaker), select your size, color and style of your dreams. If you are offered the option to do with custom measures it is even better, because you will not have to worry about making further adjustments.

  • Check shipping times. Most of the web stores will indicate the time of manufacture, shipping and delivery. So do your homework to make the purchase with enough time to spare setbacks.

When you’re ready to click on “pay” you must be 100% sure, it will then be difficult to make changes or reverse payments. The help of a friend or your mom will be essential to make the decision.

  • Advantages of buying Wedding Clothing Online

Look for your dress while you’re at home, the way to work, in the office or anywhere, you just have to have internet and mobile.

Literally you find everything; cute, daring, old-fashioned, long, short, wide variety of colors, ultra trend for civil marriages, simple, pompous, etc.

You can find your dream dress, shoes and lingerie from $ 100 to $ 600 in total, which could be favorable for the budget (although the dollar is sky, it is still an option to analyze).

Nevertheless, you’ll stay with him during the whole purchase!.

Buy Custom Rings at MDT Design


MDTdesign offers an extensive collection of designs in engagement rings, wedding bands, dress rings and earrings. You can select one of our designs exactly as it is and choose the diamond that suits your budget best. You can make any sort of modifications you would like to the design, e.g. wider or narrower band, higher or lower setting, smaller diamonds added to shoulders, diamonds removed from the design, different band shaping or come up with your own custom ring design with the help of not just the sales consultants but Award Winning designers and jewellers themselves. Even something as simple as blending elements of our designs to create a unique custom design, such as, the setting from one design and band from another.

When we buy custom rings MDT Design we can select the design which we want to wear and likes the most. This MDT design provides you the facility to choose your jewellery to look as beautiful as what one wants. This enhances your creative design skills and makes you feel very happy by wearing the jewel designed by your own.For a custom ring design you would expect to pay a lot more for as the time of the designers and jewellers would come at a higher price especially when compared to a handcrafted custom ring or jewellery piece which would be made on computer first then mass produced.


Finding the Best Place to buy Mokume Gane Rings


Mokume Gane Rings are an old Japanese metal working technique which was used to make swords. This MDTdesign’s Mokume Gane rings are all handmade on the premises. Layers of 18ct palladium based white gold are alternated with either rose or yellow gold, they are then cleaned and stacked in-between 2 steel blocks and place under extreme pressure. The steel blocks containing the clamped layered metals are then placed in the kiln overnight and heated until one of the metals is just on the border of melting temperature. Once it reaches this temperature, one metal will fuse itself to the other. Once the steel blocks and gold have cooled, the metal is then removed forming a solid block which we now call a billet.

The next process is to roll the billet into a longer plate of metal and then use a hammer and steel punches to create dints on one side of the metal block. The bumps that are formed on the opposite side are filed back to reveal the different coloured layers of metal giving it a wood grain type of effect. The Mokume Gane plate of metal is then hand worked, filed and shaped for the ring size and profile required. Making a Mokume Gane ring from start to finish is labour intensive and requires great skill and experience. It can take approximately 8 to 9 hours of crafting, and finding the correct melting temperatures and correct working techniques takes the skill of a master.


Hallmarking a Wedding Function with highly exclusive wedding rings


There are few events in our life which gives us enormous pleasure when it happens and we want it to be remembered forever, so that we can cherish those moments of joy whenever we recollect it as we feel it’s only once in our lifetime.

Wedding ceremony is one such event where we get into a commitment with the person whom we love the most in the world and expressing them that we are inviting them into our life and stay with us throughout our life on earth beginning from that point of time and promising them that we will be with them forever. Such a cherished once in a lifetime event has got one more auspicious event preceding it and it is the wedding function that is marked by the wearing of an wedding ring in the hands of the bride.

Since the main thing involved in this event is the wearing of the wedding ring it becomes highly important for the couple to have a ring, which would stand as an eternal symbol for their love. Highly exclusive wedding rings that are made up of the best collection of precious gems and stones including diamonds can be bought online from the online wedding ring store. The main reason for using precious gems and stones such as diamonds for wedding ring is diamonds are the oldest substance that can be found on earth aging even billions of years and stands as a symbol depicting purity, eternality and love wherever it is used.


Significance of using a Diamond Wedding Ring & Need for Marriage Celebrations in any culture


Most of our traditions and culture revolve around our lifestyle and each and every aspect of it has got a meaning and significance. Following them in our life on special events can bring us enormous joy and is also highly welcomed by other members of the society including our friends and relatives.

Any tradition that we see or follow today did not come into practice in an over night period of time because they have been into existence and being followed by our ancestors and great people who lived in the past for a significant period of time even for centuries and millenniums.

Celebrating festivals, marriages and even birthdays are a part of the tradition of most of the people belonging to any race, community, religion and even with different nationalities.

Marriage is one such event, which involves a set of traditional practices and the main tradition that precedes the fixing of a marriage is the engagement function. It is during the wedding function in which the bride and the groom express their interest over marrying each other to their family, relatives and friends.

By putting on a wedding ring on each other’s fingers, they show their commitment towards marrying each other, which also marks their wedding event. And using diamond wedding ring has been in practice for the past six to seven centuries because diamond is a timeless beauty and using it for an auspicious event like these shows its significance. Apart from diamond wedding rings, also there are wedding rings that are made up of other gems are available which are showcased in the online store.


Get your romantic Honeymoon dreams come real at Greece


Life is all about keeping ourselves happy and that’s why we have a lot of occasions in it which shall make us be happy. Again there are few situations in our life where we really get elevated and excited like the first day of our college, newly married life, meeting our old friends after a long time and many more like that. But above all of them honeymoon after a marriage is the most exciting for both a man and a woman.

People have always had romantic dreams about their honeymoon. The most important part of it is the place the couple decides to go and have their honeymoon. A place like Greece will always be more romantic and has a lot for sightseeing activities with great historic monuments. It will be an excellent idea to take your honeymoon in Greece as it has got wonderful islands and has always been considered to be a very scared place for centuries and also has a lot of significance in the world’s history.


Best way to make an Engagement function an Ever-lasting one


Celebrating events alone can bring us joy when we are engaged in it and this celebration can be happen only through buying the best of things used in it, inviting and gathering people for it and sharing things and our time with people around us. One such occasion that has to be celebrated through all the ways mentioned above is the marriage function, which is considered to be as only once in a lifetime. And the celebrations for a happy wedding function should begin from the engagement event itself. The most highlighting custom that is carried out in an engagement function is the wearing of an engagement ring by the bride.

The best way to make an engagement function an ever-lasting one is to make that main highlighting custom as best as possible by using the best engagement ring which can draw the attention of the people present in the event and flattering them through it. And this will happen when we buy the best engagement ring that has got enough grace and magnificence in it to do this. Moreover, people get delighted when they see the joy in the face of wedding couple and when an engagement ring that would amaze the bride is presented to her; it is more than enough to make an engagement event a grand success. If people want it all that was mentioned above to happen, then should buy the best engagement rings, which an exclusive online store for buying engagement rings.